Lesley James

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Erotic Romance Author

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About me


The Blueprint books are my first formal publishing venture, but ever since I can remember, I have written short stories, articles and commercial marketing materials, so creative writing has always been a passion of mine.


I love to write. I am consumed by the creation of characters and the worlds they inhabit andI confess I have a girlie crush on my current male lead, Edward; there’s a little bit of Darcy / Sherlock / Dr Who in him!


I write on trains, planes, lying on the beach and have even given up watching TV soaps to concentrate on the creation of my own worlds. Writing is like an addiction to a drug that I can’t resist. Yes, my name is Lesley James and I’m a writerholic.


I first had the Blueprint idea in 2012 while on holiday and watching all the women lying round the pool reading a certain bestselling erotic novel and thinking to myself that it was a shame that their partners were missing out on it. Since then I have concentrated on the research and creation of these twin novels.

When not writing, I draw, bake chocolate cake and act as an unpaid chauffeur, chef and party planner to a teenager.


I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.





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